Canvas Of The Soul

 September 25th. 2013-  

First off. Thank you to all of our new fans and supporters. We not only have got a lot of new love from our city, (Denver), but from around the world! We recently just posted a YouTube video with one of our fans from Saudi Arabia talking about how much he loved one of our songs Al Green. 

Canvas Of The Soul is getting ready to release our first EP "Expressions" and we couldn't be more excited. We have decided to give Expressions out for free, to show our love and thanks to all of you guys. So tell a friend to tell a friend! 

We (Canvas Of The Soul) is also looking to form a live band, not just for shows, but full-time. So if you know a talented musician who wants to be involved with a group like us. We would love to talk! Currently looking for a guitarist, keyboards, bass, and drummer. And if you play the trumpet, no interview needed, you automatically make the band! Just playing..Well..Kinda. Thank you all. We are blessed.