Friday, August 23, 2013

The Corner Store

Canvas Of The Soul's growth in the last month amazes me. This growth and support from the Denver community is truly remarkable, and we are only a month into this journey.

The inspiration for our upcoming EP, "Expressions" has been drawn from you, the people. The Denver lifestyle and environment have played a huge role in my writing process. Emmett said it best,

"We want to be remembered as the peoples champ." 

Currently, Canvas Of The Soul is only one song away from being done with Expressions. The two songs we have released – "Al Green" and "Where I'm From" have already got a great response from all of you. Emmett and I couldn't be more excited to officially release the other four. We are confident and hopeful that you will like the rest of the project as much as we do.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Straight From the Soul

It's been almost two years since I first picked up a microphone and performed my heart and soul out in front of a sold-out crowd. I honestly never thought I would walk away from music as long as I did. I needed a break, I needed to refuel, but most of all, I needed to find myself and get my life back again. Well, two years later almost to the day, I now have the chance to explore another musical journey with my new partner Emmett Collins.

I believe it's important for musicians to be on the same page – have the same beliefs and views when it comes to music. When I first sat down with Emmett that chemistry was there right off the bat. From the style of music we liked and wanted to create to the reasons we do music, everything seemed to just click. Then I heard Emmett sing.

"I remember hearing Emmett sing for the first time. I just sat there and thought, I really hope he is as good as I 'think' I just heard."

I couldn't be more excited to be apart of what I think is a special group and project – "Canvas Of The Soul." After doing music for years, in various groups, with various people, I am honestly grateful and humbled for every fan, listener, and supporter I get when it comes to my music. I can't wait to rock with all of you during this new project. It's like nothing I have every been apart of before. Soul. Rhythm. Some rhymes. That's our motto, and we take most of our inspiration from you, the listener. Thank you.

J. Harper 
Emcee - Canvas Of The Soul 

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