Friday, August 23, 2013

The Corner Store

Canvas Of The Soul's growth in the last month amazes me. This growth and support from the Denver community is truly remarkable, and we are only a month into this journey.

The inspiration for our upcoming EP, "Expressions" has been drawn from you, the people. The Denver lifestyle and environment have played a huge role in my writing process. Emmett said it best,

"We want to be remembered as the peoples champ." 

Currently, Canvas Of The Soul is only one song away from being done with Expressions. The two songs we have released – "Al Green" and "Where I'm From" have already got a great response from all of you. Emmett and I couldn't be more excited to officially release the other four. We are confident and hopeful that you will like the rest of the project as much as we do.

"We are just like our fans. We work just like them, breath just like them, and live just like them. The only difference is we speak through our music. We not only share our story, we share our neighbors story, and the story of the man working the overnight shift at 711. We connect with everyday people." 

It's been two years since I walked away from music, like I talked about in our last blog. And the overwhelming support has been more than exciting. A good friend of mine Jimbo Davis, drummer of notorious local band Nemesys, says it best.

 "Enjoy the process. Never rush the journey from point A to B. Always enjoy the process."

And on that note, Canvas Of The Soul is enjoying watching the process of our first project, Expressions unfold. Thank you to all of our friends, fans, and followers. You are appreciated more than you will every know.

J. Harper
Emcee- Canvas Of The Soul

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